Monthly Archives: April 2011

Skunkadelic – Focus

We travelled to Cardiff to shoot this video for Skunkadelic, we were blessed with good weather and met a lot of good people!

Do not be mistaken, Cardiff has a very vibrant and welcoming hip hop scene, from the music to the graff to the breaking there were examples of togetherness and a real community vibe. This track & video really gives you the feeling of what we saw that day…so enjoy!


You can find more music and connect with Skunkadelic at the links below!


Special Offer for May!

B-Dee Photography

While filming B-Dee’s video for his track “Something To Say” in Bristol last sunday, we managed to capture a couple of shots for him.

Look out for the video dropping and special guest appearance from Kevin the dog!


If you’d like to see what B-Dee is all about make sure you check his soundcloud page here –

Sutten Catchy – Go It Alone


Go It Alone is released on  May 9th 2011 and is the second single taken from Sutten Catchy’s debut album ‘A Well Deserved Break’  which you can buy now from this link –

You can follow Sutten Catchy at any of the links below: