Monthly Archives: February 2012

Beit Nun – Without Love

Here is our final offering from the Innit Records family, last but not least, it’s label founder Beit Nun.

We filmed this video the day before shooting Beit’s “A Reintroduction”, he wanted the visual to contain a story line to compliment the emotion shown in the track itself. This is what we came up with! Enjoy…


Redeye – The Sickness

Here is a music video from yet another Innit Records artist, this time the man in question is Northampton resident Redeye.

Redeye explained to us that he wanted something terrifying, watch the video and you be the judge! Make sure you have the lights on though!

Chris Leese – Everybody Hates Chris

We travelled to Macclesfield to film this video for Chris Leese in the summer of last year and it was finally released on September 25th, now, here we are in January, 94,527 views later!

It was certainly an experience for us spending the weekend with Chris to shoot this video, as you will find out when you watch it! From start to finish Chris knew exactly how he wanted the visual to turn out and by the looks of things he certainly had the right formula looking at the view count!

Enjoy “Everybody Hates Chris”


The Return!!

After a short time away we are finally back!

Prepare for a lot more videos coming your way in the immediate future and we also have plenty of new exciting ventures in the pipeline for the year ahead!